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What’s New…???

  • ||==TrueTheater technology company has improved the quality of playback.
  • ||==TrueTheater company balanced and Noise Reduction and suppress the digital noise.
  • ||==Components TrueTheater HD.
  • ||==It also Motion and Lighting for improving image sharpness and gain stability.
  • ||==TrueTheater company to optimize audio sound tracks.
  • ||== Cyberlink TrueTheater 3D to convert the usual 2dimensional video in 3D-format.
  • ||== Cyberlink PowerDVD settled with social networks Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp facilitate to access the online community.
  • ||==PowerDVD also has the ability to post comments in the view.
  • ||== Cyberlink PowerDVD also allows you to transfer media content from your phone to a computer with wireless and with home network.
  • ||==It also using on Apple and Android devices.
  • ||== Cyberlink PowerDVD back play of every kind format including FLV (H.264), WTV, MKV (H.264), 3GP and vlc.
  • ||==The functions of image improving continuous playback of the selected scene setting markers to quickly find the choiced scene .
  • ||== Cyberlink PowerDVD also provide stop viewing and support for mouse scrolling wheel etc.
  • ||==At a time display in two languages.
  • ||==It also has the ability to convert video format in every type.
  • ||== It also provide frame capture feature.
  • ||== Cyberlink PowerDVD is relayable to video viewers.


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